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40 Crown Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR1 3DX

Facilities Office accepts Legal Aid

Languages spoken English, French, Spanish 
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5.0 stars average for Belmores Limited from 19 reviews

Based on 19 review(s)

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Belmores Limited


1 stars

21/08/22 - Reviewed by Anonymous

so this firm had my case for a good 2 months before my court trial
and failed too contact me at all with meany contacts by my self and even others always being told a message will be left for someone too contact me , but never was ,
then just a few days before my trial i was sent a letter , " yes a letter " ? stating that the solicitor with was dealing with my case ,
the person who never spoke too me ? had left the firm and that someone else is now dealing with my case and would not be attending court on my behalf and wanted too attend via video link ? and that i should plee guilty ?
so they some how without even speaking with me decided i was guilty of a crime i did not commit ? and when i explained that a video link was not what i needed i needed someone in person the solicitor got the hump and said fine ill send someone else !
so i had not spoken too anyone before my court case until the day i was sat in the court , and the solicitor then failed too tell me what was even on the court charge sheet almost as if it was all too much effort ? so i made my plee not guilty ! with very limited and un informed of my charge sheet ,
and then a date was set for a trial ,
and then again i heard very little from the solicitor apart from a phone call towards the trail date , where the solicitor failed too tell me there was a video with audio of someone shouting abuse " not me " but this solicitor failed too tell me any of the evidence being used so there for i had absolutely no idea about it ,
when i expressed too belmores that i did not agree with there very miss informed advice they dropped me like a stone as a client ? so if they do not tell a client what evidence your even being taken too court on was it meant too be a surprise on the day ? if you cannot trust your solicitor too tell you the truth then how can you trust them too represent you in court ? i was a victim of malicious prosecution by the police after making a complaint about there miss contact , and i must say it felt as if belmores was work for the police not me ? and the best part is i assume they claimed hundreds is not thousands from my legal aid , and i was sent absolutely nothing from them
i then found it very difficult too find another solicitor so had too represent my self and even with my on cctv proving i did not do this crime and witness statements , on the day of court i was refused too even show or present any of it and apparently had a fare trial not being allowed too prove my innocents

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Belmores Limited

General Legal advice

1 stars

20/01/21 - Reviewed by Belmores awful

Since they had it deleted (presumably because its one of the only true ones, which is evident from the uniformity and clearly obvious fake sources of the majority of the good reviews) I'll repost this:
Whatever you do, do not use this firm , I made the mistake of using this firm twice myself (yeah I know, my fault for being idiotic enough to go back after the appalling job they had already done prior)
In the first case they were appalling start to finish, they failed to explain the charge meaning I didn't even realise I was actually innocent of any wrongdoing till after my conviction, told me to needlessly give information that wasn't rewuired and worded in such a way it resulted in me being charged with a serious crime despite not having committed it, failed to tell me that due to my specific circumstances I had additional rights or that the interview from which the police wrongly assume ld my guilt could be invalidated (presumably as it would mean addmiting their own incompetence). Then told me to plead guilty without explaining the consequences of such or having made clear I was actually innocent or explaining the reprucussions of a guilty plea on said charge. Throughout every single meeting I was switched between staff, each of whom implied the previous persons advice was awful, during the trial they deliberately mislead me as to the sentencing, implying community service before having the nerve to say it was to be expected when I did recieve a custodial sentence and then failed to explain to me the effects of the sentence being lifelong even after prison meaning by the time I even understood my sentence (through my own research) it was too late to appeal it. So for the first case they managed to get me convicted of a crime I didn't commit, a sentence on the harsher end and post prison effects on my life that mean it has been and will continue to be unliveable, quite literally to the point that when I eventually kill myself in the semi near future, they and that case will be nearly solely responsible.

For the second case (yeah I know shocking I was stupid enough to go back) as it was a "minor" issue I just had the police call the first duty free solicitor which sadly turned out to be them. Appalling incompetence yet again, wrongly advised me to unnecessarily share info during interviews, due to the awful service I had from them before I rang repeatedly to check that everything was definitely sorted and ready for the court appearance and was assured it was - though I did ask them to change the time due to medical issues which they claimed was impossible, one email myself and it was sorted so presumably they just couldn't be bothered. The day before court with no notice I'm informed their person won't be attenting and they'll be getting in an outside person who's first look at the case or details will be the morning of the court appearance. I go and meet them, and she is shocked at how unprepared I am and that the firm hasn't bothered to tell me any of the things I should have brought or prepared, to the point that she has to ask the judge for a delay because of the firm she's subbing for. This case was then only resolved thanks to her (not one of their employees), the fact that I did most the speaking and she/I ignored their advice, ending what they predicted would be a guaranteed guilty with the right verdict of not.

Based on their performance, active sabotaging of their clients cases and the fact they've threatened other negative reveiwers on here and asserted they wish they could have the reviewer imprisoned like in Thailand, I have to say I do believe the multiple claims I've heard, that this firm works with the police to damage their clients prospects. They have genuinely destroyed my life to the point I will in all likelihood end my life over it sooner or later and they should/can not be trusted to represent anyone.

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