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2.5 stars average for Hughmans Solicitors LLP from 3 reviews  
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32 Farringdon Street, London, Greater London, EC4A 4HJ

Languages spoken English 
Size of firm 8 solicitors

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2.5 stars average for Hughmans Solicitors LLP from 3 reviews

Based on 3 review(s)

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  • Conveyancing - residential
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Hughmans Solicitors LLP

General Legal advice

1 stars

31/05/19 - Reviewed by orla

Not good enough. Charged a large amount of money based on erroneous basis/ facts. Not competent. Changed lawyers, Much happier.

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Hughmans Solicitors LLP

General Legal advice

1 stars

16/06/17 - Reviewed by Anonymous

I have not used this firm myself, but there is a dedicated website that has some very detailed and alarming information about these lawyers:

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09/08/17 - Response by JD

The above message was posted by a fraudster who was prosecuted by Hughmans and is now trying to vent his fury.....

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12/08/17 - Response by MB

Hughmans are a world class law firm.....I would use them every time....

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24/08/17 - Response by LHB

The original website that was set up by the fraudster was removed by the company that was hosting the site...the fraudster whose story can be read at http://hughmans.co.uk/significant-hughmans-win/ .This fraudster has now put the story on a new website which has since been removed by Google!

The fraudster is trying his best to vent his fury by spreading malicious lies....but has consistently failed....a sore loser.

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24/08/17 - Response by ADP

I know the fraudster well...it is indeed his work ...but as usual he has failed miserably!

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25/08/17 - Response by OD

I know the fraudster well ...he used to live in our apartment block...thank God he has now left the UK as the authorities are after him...I am informed that he will be arrested if he ever sets foot back in the country...well done to those who finally got him!
Keep up the good work....

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26/08/17 - Response by NR

Well done Hughman's ...without your assistance in bringing this fraudster to Court the UK would definitely not be a safe place......Justice has been served and he finally got his just desserts....

Thank you .

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03/03/19 - Response by James Albert

The fraudster Tareq Ibrahim Jasim Al baho has set up the defamatory website to avenge his conviction for fraud and theft in the UK......He is from Kuwait and is consistently trying to defame all those who were involved in his conviction!

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