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If so, then our employment law specialist Solicitors can help you to recover the compensation that you may be entitled to.

Subject to a favourable assessment of the merits (usually 55% or above) and financial value of your case by one of our Specialist Employment Law Solicitors, we can offer your legal representation on a No Win No Fee basis.

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    Morris Legal (Solicitors) Ltd

    Employment law

    1 stars

    11/11/22 - Reviewed by C

    Sent a request to Dean to deal with a job loss due to my car accident. I was seeking legal advice due to my disability. Never once responded since early October. I've rang and left messages with the operator. Poor communication don't waste your time.

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    Morris Legal (Solicitors) Ltd

    Employment law

    1 stars

    15/03/20 - Reviewed by Anonymous

    I was let down 2 working days before the hearing. He Sent an email saying I didnt have a strong case, yet he had working on it for about 1 1/2 years. I had the embarrassment of turning up to a hearing is was not prepared for and had no idea what I was doing. It has now been adjourned. Whilst he could be right that my isnt strong, he did not inform of this until the very last minute. Apparently no win no fee solicitors have many cases on the go and tend to choose the best earning cases to go with (judges words) not mine! I have been through a number of health problems which had caused financial issues, he was aware of this yet still let me down. Unless you have a very strong case or money, I would seriously suggest using someone else.

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    02/06/20 - Response by Morris Legal

    I am naturally disappointed to have received your negative review. We make customer satisfaction the heart of what we do and as you will have noticed from the many hundreds of other very positive reviews on the site, we normally achieve it. The terms of our No Win No Fee agreement provide that we may decline to act further in any case, if in our view, the merits of a case are simply not strong enough for us to continue to act on that fee basis. The merits of any case potentially change as the case progresses and upon receipt of documents or upon exchange of witness statements when we are able to read what the other side are going to say in Tribunal. We exchanged witness statements in your case on 21 February before the case was due for final hearing on 2-4 March 2020. This is the last point in time when we are able to take a final view of the overall merits of a case ahead of a lengthy and very costly 3-day final hearing. In your case, regrettably, we assessed the merits on balance as falling short of the required threshold to enable us to spend a further 3 days in Tribunal at our risk and sole expense and notified you of this on 25 February. We gave you the option of paying for Counsel to represent you at the hearing at your cost and risk, but you declined preferring instead to represent yourself. We made sure that the case was fully prepared to ensure that you could do this and prepared all the relevant papers to do so. I am naturally disappointed to have received a 1-star review and whilst I appreciate you felt let down, I hope this explanation will go some way to enable you to understand our position.

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