Getting your great customer service noticed in the press

(Email to be sent out to solicitor with press release)

Dear Solicitor name

As a highly rated firm of solicitors on, you have an ideal opportunity to generate free press coverage in your local area.

The press are always looking for genuine news stories - not advertisements written as press releases - and your standing on is an ideal PR ‘hook’ to raise your firm’s profile in the local media by talking about the concept behind the website, and how your clients have rated you as one of the highest rated firms in the UK.

Potential clients will believe what they read or hear in the media much more than when they’re obviously being sold to in an advertisement. has a planned approach to publicising the website through effective public relations and targeted press releases at a national level, and you can do the same in your local area.

To help you gain this invaluable coverage, we’ve prepared a ‘ready-made’ press release for you to fill in your company name, and tailor a quote from one of your partners or a key member of staff, ready to send out to your local and regional media. All you need to do is replace or delete the text in red to tailor the content to your firm, and send out the press release.

We’ve also prepared a ‘ top rated firm’ graphic that you can use on a laptop screen or print out on an A3 sheet to hold up in a press photo to draw more attention to the photo and to the site.

Don’t forget different types of media such as local radio, ‘lifestyle’ magazines, regional and local newspapers - all of which could open doors to further interviews and requests for comment on topical issues if you can position yourselves as a ‘voice of authority’ in the legal sector.

A quick phone call to the radio station, newspaper or magazine to find out the name of the person to whom you should send press releases of general public and business interest, and their e-mail address, will make sure your press release lands on the desktop of the right person. If you can call them back after sending the press release to ask if they received the press release and if they’d like any more information, all the better. You’re then starting to build a rapport with them so that you’ll be remembered for future coverage.

It’s also worth appointing a specific senior person (or persons) within the firm, to be available to answer any general or specific questions, and to add them to the contacts at the foot of the press release, so that they are primed to expect any press interest and will have planned what to say so that their comments are representative of the firm’s views. Your reception staff should also know to whom they should direct any press or media enquiries. Recommended - View our reviews

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