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74 Camberwell Church Street, London,
Camberwell, London, SE5 8QZ


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23/06/13 - Compiled from data from the Solicitors Regulation Authority website

Area of law reviewed: General Legal advice

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Decision - control of practice

Outcome: Condition

Outcome date: 17 May 2012

Published date: 2 August 2012

Firm details

Firm or organisation at date of publication and at time of matters giving rise to outcome

Name: Abbot Smart Osibanjo

74 Camberwell Church Street, London, SE5 8QZ

Firm ID: 514016

Outcome details

This outcome was reached by SRA decision.

Decision details

The following conditions have been imposed on the practising certificate for the current year of Mr Osibanjo

-that Mr Osibanjo may only act as a manager or owner of a recognised or licensable body which has first been approved by the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority;

-that Mr Osibanjo is not a sole practitioner or sole director of a recognised body;

-Mr Osibanjo shall immediately inform any actual or prospective employer, co- manager, or co-owner of these conditions and the reasons for their imposition

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