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MIB Solicitors, 339 Hertford Road, Edmonton
Lower Edmonton, London, N9 7ET


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06/02/10 - Compiled from data from the Solicitors Regulation Authority website

Area of law reviewed: General Legal advice

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This notification relates to a decision to prosecute before The Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal. This is an independent Tribunal which will reach its own decision after considering all the evidence, including any evidence put forward by the solicitor. The Tribunal has certified that there is a case to answer in respect of allegations which are or include that Mr Mafe :-

1. Abandoned his practice

2. Failed to act in the best interests of clients including lender clients

3. Held himself out as practising in partnership when he was not

4. Failed to comply with undertakings given in Certificates of Title

5. Improperly paid away funds held on behalf of mortgagee clients.

The allegation is subject to a hearing before the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal and is as yet unproven.

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