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15 Stanley Street, Blyth
Blyth, Northumberland, NE24 2BT

Tel: 01670361211

Areas of law reviewed: Driving law


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Alan Brown solicitors

20/07/17 - Rating by Andrew You g

Area of law reviewed: Driving

5 star rating

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I had Alan Brown as an on duty solicitor I got by chance on the day of putting in my plea for a driving offence that I did not know about and felt was not guilty of committing, I had rang every solicitor possible and the more I didn the more confused I got as they all said different things and with the whole way I live my life being on the line as I need my car I just wanted someone to be straight forward and transparent with me. Luckily because I got Alan as an on duty solicitor her explained in full what the charge I was facing actually entailed and said that I wasn't guilty and should Persue a not guilty plea. I then asked Alba to be my solicitor to which he sorted out legal aid as I was a low earner (something other solicitors said I wouldn't be granted) and worked with me every step of the way always keeping me in the loop and when my trial came around he was professional and brilliant for want of a better phrase, I ended up winning my case and I couldn't thank Alan or the firm enough, absolutely fantastic !!

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