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21-23 Easton, St High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, HP11 1NT

Tel: (01494) 521 301

Areas of law reviewed: Commercial law, Will and probate law, Employment law law


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Allan Janes LLP solicitors

02/12/17 - Rating by Anonymous

Area of law reviewed: Commercial

1 star rating

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Very poor experience here. Given an expectation of the product I would receive which was increeidbly disappointing when it was received. I was then faced with a barrage of abuse and finally litigation when I attempted to negotiate the price to be paid for the product received. Really, really poor

Allan Janes LLP solicitors

16/11/16 - Rating by Anonymous

Area of law reviewed: Will and probate

1 star rating

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On dealing with my Mother's estate, Allan Janes have not only been insensitive but also obdurate in obtaining pertinent information requested through the process. I received the final estate accounts three and a half years after my Mother's death and this outfit held the final and signed copy for nine months. I would not of received the statement had I had not repeatedly requested the information. No doubt in their belief historical data would be no longer available. My issue with this firm is ongoing, which has already involved the Ombudsman and will more likely go to arbitration and if necessary Court. Avoid these jokers at all cost.


03/02/17 - Response by Allan Janes LLP

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We are sorry that this reviewer feels so strongly about the service received, nevertheless we would rebut the accusations made in the strongest possible terms. The estate in question (only one has been referred to the legal ombudsman) was administered efficiently and effectively and was finalised some time ago. The complainant, a beneficiary of the estate, has subsequently pursued the firm believing that the estate had substantially more assets than were discovered as part of the administration process. We have responded to every additional request for information brought by the complainant, and to each and every one no additional asset has been discovered. A search of the Unclaimed Assets Registrar revealed nothing, as too did a search of ‘My Lost Account’. When the legal ombudsman, at the complainant’s request, looked into our handling of the estate, they found that we had acted with all due care and attention and had done nothing wrong. The complaint was dismissed. The matter is on-going, since the complainant, via his lawyer, asks us to contact different stake holders from time to time to confirm that there are no additional assets. We act on those requests immediately, and each and every time no additional asset has been found. The complainant in this matter has cast blame on the firm and subjected our staff to quite a degree of vitriol for what he believes are our mistakes in falling to locate these assets. However we have exhausted every available avenue of inquiry and there is simply no evidence that these assets exist.


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