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2 St Marys Street, Bungay
Bungay, Suffolk, NR35 1AX


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29/04/10 - Compiled from data from the Solicitors Regulation Authority website

Area of law reviewed: General Legal advice

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PC condition details
1. The Authorised Officer DECIDES to grant Ms Victoria Susan Allen a practising certificate for the practice year 2009/2010 subject to the following condition:

1.1 She does not hold, receive or have access to client monies save for receiving cheques payable to Allens of Bungay

In the light of Ms Allen’s current financial situation and in view of the fact that she is just commencing her career as a solicitor, the Authorised Officer considers it is appropriate and in the interests of the public that she be prevented from handling client money. The Authorised Officer is satisfied that the above condition is necessary, at least until Ms Allen’s financial situation has been resolved.

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