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Gordon House, 6 Lissenden Gardens, London,
Kentish Town, London, NW5 1LX

Tel: 020 7482 8865


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25/07/13 - Compiled from data from the Solicitors Regulation Authority website

Area of law reviewed: General Legal advice

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Decision - control of practice

Outcome: Termination of suspension of PC/registration

Outcome date: 2 August 2012

Published date: 5 September 2012

Firm details

Firm or organisation at time of matters giving rise to outcome

Name: Alo & Co Solicitors

Gordon House, 6 Lissenden Gardens, London, NW5 1LX

Firm ID: 380674

Outcome details

This outcome was reached by SRA decision.

Decision details

The Authorised Officer DECIDED to exercise the powers conferred by section 16(4) of the Solicitors Act 1974 (as amended) and Regulations 6 and 7 of the SRA Practising Regulations 2011 to terminate the suspension of Mr Mohammed Aftab's current (2011/2012) practising certificate subject to the following conditions being imposed:

(a) he may act as a solicitor only in employment which has first been approved by the Solicitors Regulation Authority;

(b) he is not a sole practitioner or manager or owner of a recognised body, licensed body or legal services body;

(c) he shall immediately inform any actual or prospective employer of these conditions and the reasons for their imposition;

(d) he is not a signatory to any client or office bank account;

(e) he does not hold, receive or have responsibility for client monies;

(f) In this condition "manager" and "owner" are as defined in Chapter 14 of the SRA Code of Conduct 2011.


The Authorised Officer considers Mr Aftab unsuitable to undertake activities relating to client monies and imposing the conditions will, in the public interest, limit, restrict, halt or prevent the involvement of Mr Aftab in such activities (Regulation 7.1a)).

The Authorised Officer was satisfied the condition of requiring the SRA's approval prior to Mr Aftab taking up an appointment will, in the public interest, limit, halt or prevent a risk to clients, third parties or the public (Regulation 7.1(c)).

The Authorised Officer was satisfied, in line with the SRA's publication policy, that it is in the public interest to publish this decision..

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