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295 Harrow Road, Wembley Middlesex
Wembley, Middlesex, HA9 6BD

Tel: 020 8782 3776

Areas of law reviewed: Personal injury law, Immigration law


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Aman Advocates solicitors

09/08/18 - Rating by Rhys Brown

Area of law reviewed: Personal injury

5 star rating

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Just over a year on from first instructing Yasser Sarwar of Aman Solicitors, and a brief moment of respite in proceedings, I felt it a good time to get a review in of my experience up to this point.

If you have a Civil claim, then look no further.

It’s important to note that this is an extraordinary case. It has been described by some of England’s most experienced experts as one of the most complex cases they have ever come across.

When I first approached Aman, I was swiftly introduced to Mr Sarwar who was immediately keen to have all information possible to consider and offer his independent and professional opinion on the claim.

At this point the claim had actually been progressing for over two years with what I am sure must be over 20 leaver-arch files worth of paperwork already existing. I had been acting in-person for the entirety.

I was amazed at how quickly Yasser was able to formulate his own understanding of the claim, and how accurate this understanding actually was. He gave his honest and open opinion on the claim, and with his close relationship with a highly rated barrister, was able to form a compelling and professional tactical structure for the continuation of the claim.

Yasser has built a good rapport with both clients and conspiring enemies (!) and has not been intimidated by going toe-to-toe with the Defendants’ mega-law firm, responding to every development with a cool head which inevitably and thankfully rubs off on me.

I would like to thank Yasser for his patience with my nervous questions on matters of law and say that thanks to him, I now look forward to the next four months with a positivity in the knowledge that whatever the outcome, I am supported by a dedicated, hands-on and hardworking professional.
Thank you!

Aman Advocates solicitors

06/04/18 - Rating by Christopher Johnson

Area of law reviewed: General Legal advice

5 star rating

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I must say my experience with this firm was excellent. My solicitor was very professional and straight with me regarding having a lasting power of attorney prepared. I would recommend this firm

Aman Advocates solicitors

13/05/11 - Rating by Mr Malik

Area of law reviewed: Immigration

5 star rating

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I was very impressed with the level of knowledge and efficent service provided by Aman Solicitors. They dealt with my wife's Indefinate Leave to Remain case and documentation leaving me with a stress free experience. Thank you Aman Solicitors

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