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Sydenham Road
Guildford, Surrey, Gu1 3sr

Tel: 01483 543210

Areas of law reviewed: Conveyancing/property law, Personal injury law, Divorce law, Family law, Will and probate law, Employment law


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Barlow Robbins solicitors

27/04/18 - Rating by Anonymous

Area of law reviewed: Will and probate

1 star rating

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We have received very poor service from Barlow Robbins. In settling a very simple probate case Barlow Robbins have accrued over £6000 worth of fees, with now evidence to suggest where the huge costs came from.

They were less than transparent and generally poor communicators. If they could clearly demonstrate that there was a particular problem with a part of the case then it would be easier to understand he costs, but they have not been able to do this.

Would not recommend using this company in any case, as the complaints department have been very unhelpful and defensive so if you ever do have an issue, do not expect to be satisfied

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