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Dalkeith House, Kettering
Kettering, Northamptonshire, NN16 0BS

Tel: 01536 410880

Areas of law reviewed: Divorce law


Rate Barry Greenfield, Greenfield Whiston  solicitor
Barry Greenfield, Greenfield Whiston solicitors

23/10/12 - Rating by Kettering man

Area of law reviewed: Divorce

1 star rating

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I couldn't agree more with the negative comments and am only sorry that I did not research this firm before I retained him some years ago.

Fortunately, I sussed out that he was a bad 'un after 2 interviews (I had worked in a solicitor's office when I first left school, so I had some experience of a legal environment, but obviously I did not let on to Greenfield this fact).

All he seemed interested in was my financial position in minute detail and I could sense the pound signs in his eyes.

I agree that he is arrogant - but at least he was blatent about his greed! He had the cheek to tell me that when he was training, his fellow students gave altruistic and noble reasons for choosing the law as a career. He bellowed at me "the only reason I want to be a lawyer is to make money hahaha!". The more I thought about it, the more I realised it was ME that he was going to get the money from.

I withdrew instructions for him to act after 2 meetings and he had the cheek to write me a letter after I had clearly told him to take no further action, asking me to reconsider as it was in my best interests and he enclosed a bill for £25 for that letter! I wish to God now I had not paid it but I did, just to get rid of the horrible man. Although, I did send a sarcastic letter saying that I had expected such advice to be "pro bono" (I knew this would irritate him!).

To bring things up to date, we will all be pleased to note that the Solicitors Regulation Authority have closed the business because of his bankruptcy. Good riddance to the shyster!

I have to say that I found an excellent law firm about 100 yards away, and the lady solicitor and her staff at this establishment restored my faith somewhat in the profession.

Barry Greenfield, Greenfield Whiston solicitors

14/01/10 - Rating by Anonymous

Area of law reviewed: Divorce

1 star rating

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He is an absolute pr*ck. At first I thought he'd do a good job for me as he seemed 'old school,' and I thought that he wouldn't be intimidated by my ex husband, who i left due to domestic violence.

Mr. Greenfield has billed me upwards of £10,000 and, apart from having managed to hire a competent barrister on the day of the custody hearing which got me residency of my son (thank god), he's failed on all other counts.

He is lazy, egotistical, and negligent. He never takes calls. His assistants are all horrible and rude as well.

If you try to suggest something to him, he attacks you. He spends 15 minutes of billable time ranting about his own ex wife.

He is a bully, and abusive himself. I left his office more than once in tears given his behaviour. He even told me once 'i dont give a s**t about my clients.' Least he's honest there.

Stay away from this one, he is terrible in court as well, thinks cos he is 'old school' that they will kiss his a*se, but just comes off as a p*att who is ill prepared and disinterested in the entire thing.

Booked one holiday after another when we 'worked' for me. Took his time, told me I wasn't important.

Refused to put into any statements that my ex was abusive. which backfired later when he tried to bar my ex from repeatedly dragging me into court.

Failed to get my sons passport returned to me for two years, then found the order was incomplete in that once it expires, my ex can stop my son from travelling again.

Horrible man, no conscience whatsoever. His staff match him. His bill jumped from £5k to £10k one week after ancillary matters were ordered in my favour.

I could go on, but you get an idea.

I now act in person, and I do a far better job than these scumbags. He was my third solicitor. I have sacked all three for negligence, but Greenfield was, by far, the most nasty of the three.


12/08/10 - Response by Anonymous

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Thank you - had an appointment booked with them regarding custordy but have now cancelled after reading your review - i had visited the office to make an appt and had got a bad vibe, came online to check if my suspicions were correct and looks like they were!

28/09/10 - Response by Anonymous

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Do not waste your time on these amateurs,

05/10/10 - Response by Anonymous

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im glad i could spare you. this p*ick ended up trying to bill me over 12 grand which LSC says seems 'legit.'

game aint over - this a**hole isnt going to get away with ripping me off, not this time.

hope you found a better solicitor.


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