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236 Grays Inn Rd, , 37B Grafton rd
UK, UK, London WC1X 8HB

Tel: 07425893234

Areas of law reviewed: Divorce law, Legal aid law


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Bindmans's solicitors

06/11/17 - Rating by Anonymous

Area of law reviewed: Legal aid

1 star rating

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Awful involved in a long lasting case that dragged on over 7 years
Career has suffered from it, breaches of privacy as a result of my involvement in this case
Left with no reference in part to the case
They lost every single case at each stage of the court

The case cost nearly £200k in taxpayers legal aid I wasn't told how long it would go on if I knew what I knew now I would never have agreed it.

Did damage to a role that I really liked because I was over the income limits
Been left without a reference for work for that time there so now have to rely on a current reference and another in the hope that someone will take a chance and employ me now this case is behind me

There is no access to justice for minority groups.
May have an ECHR challenge which will be on a CFA as no way would I do legal aid again but I am doubtful it will go anyway

Bitter much yes - you would be the google breaches are the worst constant breaches of my right to privacy breach of confidence false statements threats to rape me it's been horrendous - ongoing cyber stalking they should have gone back to the supreme court but didn't

Awful - they helped Goodwin and I but sorry this time no way new solicitor is taking over the ECHR challenge if it happens - I am very doubtful

I will probably have to move abroad because this is such a big mess I don't know if I ever will recover the harassment is something I have never experienced even a celeb has more privacy than me !

Bindmans's solicitors

03/12/16 - Rating by Felicia Schwartz

Area of law reviewed: Divorce

1 star rating

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I would absolutely advise anyone to stay away from this firm. They lost me a straightforward divorce financial case, charged me exorbitant fees and sent debt collectors after me when I was unemployed , caring for a 7 year old child and not able to pay the last of the outstanding fees. When I complained about services, the partners never agreed to meet with me. The only person I saw was the associate dealing with my case and who left the firm some time before my case was completed . Her attention span was diminished accordingly.

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