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236 Grays Inn Rd, , 37B Grafton rd
UK, UK, London WC1X 8HB

Tel: 07425893234

Areas of law reviewed: Divorce law


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Bindmans's solicitors

03/12/16 - Rating by Felicia Schwartz

Area of law reviewed: Divorce

1 star rating

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I would absolutely advise anyone to stay away from this firm. They lost me a straightforward divorce financial case, charged me exorbitant fees and sent debt collectors after me when I was unemployed , caring for a 7 year old child and not able to pay the last of the outstanding fees. When I complained about services, the partners never agreed to meet with me. The only person I saw was the associate dealing with my case and who left the firm some time before my case was completed . Her attention span was diminished accordingly.

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