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23-25 West Street
Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 1JN

Tel: 01260 297070

Areas of law reviewed: Conveyancing/property law, Will and probate law


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Birchall Ryan solicitors

03/07/13 - Rating by Julie Price

Area of law reviewed: Conveyancing/property

1 star rating

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I would avoid this company at all cost. They offer very poor service and you have no recourse via the Legal Ombudsman nor the Legal System. They put me under so much stress that I was unable to breathe properly and ended up being off work for nearly 6 months - I am self employed.

They were commissioned on the sale and purchase of properties. I ended up being in rented accommodation for over 3 weeks as they allowed me to move from one property without advising that they could not complete on my new property at the same time.

They asked me to chase the mortgage funds on their behalf. This was the Friday before I was moving on the Wednesday.

I relocated on the day of exchange - completion was the following day as it got so delayed, and on the morning of completion they were still checking land registry details.

They requested information during the conveyance but failed to check that the information they had received was as per their request - it wasn't - and the actual information which they had requested but never received proved there was a known water pressure issue at the property. The information they did actually receive was an out of date boiler contract which they failed to advise was out of date.

They cost me over £7500 of unexpected costs in a new boiler and correcting the issue of water pressure.

They drafted my will but I never got the final will.

They did not bother to respond to two letters I wrote detailing complaints.

There was a horse at the property which I had agreed could stay. They failed to advise any implications regarding this and the first thing the owner of this horse told me was that she had a legal right to keep her horse on my land. They didn't respond to my urgent email requesting confirmation that no one had a right to my land.

The Legal Ombudsman said that no poor service had been given and the judge in court said it was my fault for not checking the information properly.

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