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Kingston Place
Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO2 8AQ

Tel: 023 9266 0261

Areas of law reviewed: Personal injury law, Family law, Will and probate law, Medical negligence law


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Biscoes solicitors

21/07/17 - Rating by Tram

Area of law reviewed: Will and probate

1 star rating

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Scam company. Try to claiming money out of my mum. My mum she does not sign any paper asking them to dealing with my late dad estate. They do not have the right to go ahead and do it.

There is no agreement whatsoever between Biscoes and my mum. They cannot send a draft of paper of whatever they have done and said they done it. Now pay the money.

In fact the information they filled in the form is not even corrected.

Biscoes solicitors

20/06/16 - Rating by Anonymous

Area of law reviewed: Medical negligence

1 star rating

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Patronising is an understatement!!if you have no knowledge of law and need help do not ask these people.
They made me feel stupid and that my issue was unimportant!They are meant to help people that are in difficult situations not make them feel this way.
Maybe this solisitors is made for lawyers, doctors, etc but not the average person who needs help!

Biscoes solicitors

18/04/13 - Rating by Anonymous

Area of law reviewed: Family

1 star rating

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If you want to be spoken to in a patronising, belittling attitude where your calls are put through to voice mail because the secretary just doesn't want to speak to you that day then this is the one for you. on more than one occasion it felt like they were representing the other party involved in my case continuously worrying what they might think instead of me. Had to make a formal complaint due to the lack of care from this team and due to the fact they numerously misrepresented other important people trying to get what they want quicker without worrying about the cause and the effect it has on their clients. I'd avoid this branch to high heaven it's not worth the stress, tears and worrying they all cause you!

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