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77 High Street, Ramsgate
Ramsgate, Kent, CT11 9RJ

Tel: 01843 799121

Areas of law reviewed: Criminal law


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Kent Criminal Law solicitors

04/07/18 - Rating by Anonymous

Area of law reviewed: Criminal

1 star rating

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I had the displeasure of having to meet this pretentious man, who wasted my time by traveling all the way to Ramsgate to just give his opinion without letting me state the facts. He constantly spoke over me (which I found to be very unprofessional) insisting what I did was wrong (Despite being told by my own family solicitors that I hadn’t done anything wrong) he even admitted he hadn’t read all the notes, so by him stating that he gave me the inclinment he was staring a biased opinion rather than a professional opinion. His office was a disgusting mess, and looked like a child had run a muck in there.

I believe firms who mostly deal with Road offenses should just stick to that and nothing else. Don’t be fooled by his LGBT and Google approval.


04/07/18 - Response by Kent Criminal Law

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If my suspicions are correct, the comment may have been left by a young man with 'issues' who wished to have a post conviction restraining order removed. In fact the advice I provided was positive. However, he wished me to agree that his previous solicitors, a reputable legal aid firm, had wrongly advised him. They hadn't. That there was merit in a complaint against the police. There wasn't. He had rightly pleaded guilty to an offence of harassment that he had admitted in police interview. As to the specifics:
We are experienced in all matters before the criminal courts and have a particular interest in the Protection from Harassment Act and I am afraid that our professional opinion concurs with your previous, also maligned solicitors, that your admitted conduct, clearly crossed the line into criminal harassment. Having re-read the letter you provided from your 'family solicitors' I note that you neglected to advise them about the most serious aspect of your conduct but in any event the letter makes clear that they do not offer you any advice with regard to the criminal matters. As the reading of the papers, this was a 'free initial consultation'. The papers were sent to me at my request before the appointment and you were advised that I had read them but not in great depth. The only aspect of this review that has any basis in fact is that the office was a little untidy today.


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