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M W House, 41 Chipstead Valley Road, Coulsdon
Coulsdon, Surrey, CR5 2RB

Tel: 02086191619

Areas of law reviewed: Conveyancing/property law, Medical negligence law


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McMillan Williams solicitors

22/04/18 - Rating by Anonymous

Area of law reviewed: Conveyancing/property

1 star rating

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MW were the solicitor for our buyers' buyer and managed to delay exchange by over 6 weeks. It was one thing after the other, I lost count of the number of forms that had errors, had to be reissued etc. It made the whole proceeding unnecessarily stressful and costly for both us and our buyers. Neither of the other solicitors in the chain nor the estate agents had ever experienced such unprofessional behaviour.

McMillan Williams solicitors

01/11/17 - Rating by Akash Luth

Area of law reviewed: Conveyancing/property

1 star rating

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This was the worst experience I have ever had with a solicitor. I was passed to a new trainee solicitor 4 different times. On the day of completion I was told that they couldn't send the funds as they had forgotten to give me one form. I rushed to the office to sign it and was promised by Patricia Thornton it would be done that day. The funds never reached me. I was very disappointed but promised the next morning. The funds never came and I had to make an official complaint. The funds are yet to reach us!

This company is an absolute shambles and I would advise finding another solicitor who will do a proper job.

This re-mortgage process has taken 3 months where a trained solicitor would have done it properly from the start and complete within 4 weeks.

If your sale is time critical and you want a good service do not come to this company. Your sale will fall through with this level of incompetence.

Just to clarify the trainees were working under the wing of John McMillan one of the founders (he was cc'ed into every email) of this company and Patricia Thornton.

McMillan Williams solicitors

12/08/17 - Rating by Sandy

Area of law reviewed: Medical negligence

2 star rating

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Useing my case to make money for them self and lieing to me by saying my friend didnt want to be a trustee being greedy with my money not very happy with mc willam servuce take me forca mug after what i been throw with st georges being amputted n lost of my son they take all my money for themself

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