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QualitySolicitors Burton & Co solicitors

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Stonebow Centre, High Street, Lincoln
Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN2 1DA

Tel: 01522 523215

Areas of law reviewed: Personal injury law, Family law, Employment law

QualitySolicitors Burton & Co is a highly professional legal firm with offices located in Lincoln and Sleaford.

We represent both businesses and individuals in and around the Lincoln area and offer legal expertise in a vast array of matters, from mental health and capacity to employment disputes.

We pride ourselves on combining the service you expect from a national brand with the local knowledge you need from our experienced legal team and are devoted to providing first-rate legal advice catered to both your finances and your legal requirements.

With our free initial assessment promise, you can talk to us worry free before deciding what action to take. Plus our no hidden costs promise ensures that you know what our costs are upfront so there’ll be no unexpected surprises.


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QualitySolicitors Burton & Co solicitors

19/07/18 - Rating by john

Area of law reviewed: Family

1 star rating

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This company gives a very poor service.They have cost me thousands of pounds by giving incorrect advice and not doing what they were asked.They take ages to do very little and the way they conduct themselves is far short of the solicitors codes of practice. They have some extremely rude staff and have refused to communicate when I made an official complaint. They just want your money. They have lied to me to cover their shoddy practices.I have now got to start again with a different company so nine months have been wasted . They have caused me a lot of stress when i am trying to sort out my late parents estate which is just what I dont need.

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