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Artillery House, 71 Woodbridge Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 4QH

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5.0 stars average for The Partnership from 102 reviews

Based on 102 review(s)

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    The Partnership


    1 stars

    17/09/23 - Reviewed by Anonymous

    Horrible service AVOID and RUN , they knew that there issues with our house sell and sell will fell through they just sat there and waiting to charge us £1009for nothing.

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    The Partnership


    1 stars

    17/06/22 - Reviewed by Anonymous

    These are terrible, unable to complete the simplest of documents and a catalogue of mistakes. Mistakes such as incorrect dates for exchange.

    This has resulted in completion being delayed and all fault on the Partnership Ltd’s side.

    There have been continued mistakes throughout the entire process of buying a property.

    Breached GDPR by sending out another clients details which included their mortgage offer, address, price they paid for the property, rates and all their personal details.

    Mistakes on documents, title report, help to buy and lots of others.

    Constantly having to chase for updates and information. Not informing me about delays which resulted in my completion being delayed and incurring substantial costs.

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    20/06/22 - Response by Peter Ambrose, Managing Director

    Amy - I can only apologise for the frustration that you experienced on Friday.

    We will of course sort this out today and make sure you are able to take ownership of your new flat.

    Peter Ambrose
    Managing Director

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    The Partnership

    General Legal advice

    1 stars

    08/07/12 - Reviewed by Confused

    I cannot find Guy Crowther or The Partnership listed on the Law Society website. Is The Partnership a firm of solicitors regulated by the SRA?

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    08/07/12 - Response by Peter Ambrose

    Simon - our solicitors are regulated by the Law Society and our company is listed there, as well as with the Council of Licensed Conveyancers.


    For the Council of Licensed Conveyancers, there is no direct link - just search for "The Partnership".

    Guy Crowther is a solicitor although he does not hold a practisiing certificate at this time. (Hence we don't use the term "solicitor" with reference to him)

    I hope that this clarifies the position.

    Peter Ambrose

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