The Employment Specialist Who Helps You Get Back In Control

The Employment Specialist Who Helps You Get Back In Control

(Posted on 25/06/18)

Hatton James Legal is a specialist commercial law firm, with a niche in employment, corporate and commercial law and we represent both businesses and individuals, employers and employees.

We are commercial lawyers for manufacturers, care homes, pharmacists, suppliers and non-profit organisations from around the UK. Our employee clients include CEO’s, Directors, Chartered Accountants, IT consultants, Teachers and NHS staff.

Our advice is jargon-free. There will never be surprise bills. 

For employers, using our fixed-cost subscription service means no unbudgeted legal costs.

If you are an employee looking for an employment specialist or you want to be advised on a settlement agreement, then look no further. We will fight hard for you, we’re always available for you and we’ll work with your budget, so you get value for money.

Here are some recent cases we’ve been working on:

Large settlement against a supermarket for an unfairly dismissed employee

Mr F was a supermarket manager dismissed for allegedly fiddling some stock-taking figures in a particular direction to make performance figures look better, but we managed to find evidence that showed he was doing what he had been trained to do. Also, the supermarket’s witnesses couldn’t agree what direction made the figures look better. Our client held out until the doors of the court and reached a settlement of £70,000.

Settlement against an automotive giant for an unfair dismissal

Mr S, who had 26 years’ service, was dismissed on the spot for alleged performance issues that the employer could not substantiate. We advised that the employee was not given the opportunity to state his case at a disciplinary hearing, and the employer didn’t consider any sanction other than dismissal despite his exemplary disciplinary record. Our client accepted £40,000 to settle his case.

Dealing with a naughty apprentice

One of our commercial clients had a very disruptive apprentice who would regularly come into work late, disrespect his superiors and occasionally come into work smelling of drink. The issue was that a poorly set-up apprenticeship gives extensive employment rights. We helped the employer to put him on a modern apprenticeship contract, so he lost this special legal protection. When his disruptive behaviour continued, he was dismissed and replaced by another apprentice who is currently the ‘shining light’ of the company.

Resolving holiday pay conundrums

One of our commercial clients wanted to set up a bank of staff who were available for ‘ad-hoc’ hours when the company needed them. One of the conundrums was working out what the holiday entitlement and holiday pay would be for these workers as there were no fixed hours and the assignments were of different lengths. We gave the employer a really simple solution that lets them ‘pay as you go’ so they don’t need to do complicated calculations.

Hatton James Legal believe in the value of excellent customer service. We take on ‘No win, no fee’ cases and offer an discounted first meeting for only £150 to give you your legal position and a strategy. Hatton James Legal should be the first step you take in getting the justice you deserve and putting you back in control.

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