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3 stars average for Western Legal from 2 reviews  
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PO Box 19 Avondale Auckland1026 ,Avondale ,Auckland ,New Zealand, Avondale, Auckland, 275

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3 stars average for Western Legal from 2 reviews

Based on 2 review(s)

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      Western Legal
      5 stars

      17/08/20 - Reviewed by Vimal

      I have been using services of Western Legal for last few years. I am are extremely satisfied with their professional manner, quality service and timeliness. They have very friendly team who is approachable and easy to deal with. Their charges are also reasonable. I have been and would definitely recommend Western Legal to others in future.

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      Western Legal
      1 stars

      21/07/20 - Reviewed by Anonymous

      Working with Western Legal was not a satisfactory experience at all. Communication was very slow even for time critical issues. I did not feel safe and I did not feel like my best interests were being looked after. Would not recommend.

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