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58 Mosley Stree, Manchester
Manchester, Lancashire, M2 3HZ

Tel: 08081758000

Areas of law reviewed: Will and probate law


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Slater & Gordon (Manchester) solicitors

23/11/17 - Rating by E Branney

Area of law reviewed: Will and probate

1 star rating

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I would NOT recommend you use this firm in relation to wills. This firm has my fathers original will as they bought out the firm of solicitors who originally had it. My father was terminally, so before he passed I phoned to ascertain what information would be required to obtain the original will required for probate. The lady I spoke to was completely lacking in empathy or sympathy and the way she spoke to me, not so much what she said, but the way she said it, gave me the impression she thought I was a nuisance for asking. She said I should just “let things take their course” and then deal with it! However, many people like to be prepared. I then had to prise information out of her about what documents were recruited and who could certify them, with her final answer being a “solicitor, a doctor or an accountant, but a solicitor would be best” . After the phone call I was quite upset, as it was a distressing time. I phoned their main line back and asked to make a complaint. Contact details were taken and I was advised someone would call me back. As yet over a week later, no one has. My father has now passed away, so I phoned again to double check the details of what I was required to send in. This time the girl speaking to me was very pleasant, but could not provide me with the information. Had to keep putting me on hold to go off and ask someone, and then still wasn’t really 100% sure. I then tried to fill in an online form, which as yet I have not been able to send. So all in all very poor service from a company that is supposed to deal with wills at a time when I am already feeling quite distressed. I have to say all other organisations I have been in contact with banks/ building societies/ other agencies have been very good. I have to say, the service I received doesn’t reflect well on this company, nor solicitors in general. I have to say, I would never use them for anything after this one brief experience and would warn off family and friends from doing the same.

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