Mass Murderer Anders Breivik Receives 21 Years

(Posted on 26/08/12)

In a final disturbing stance before being hauled away, Anders Breivik gave a defiant right-wing salute after being judged sane and then given just 21 years for brutally killing 77 people. He must serve at least ten years. He can still find himself behind bars for an indefinite amount of time if he's believed to be dangerous at any time. The sane declaration means he'll serve time in prison versus a mental hospital.

Citing his belief that his victims had betrayed their country when they embraced beliefs he disagreed with, he easily confessed and said he didn't want to be ruled insane because history might tell his story as one being committed by a "madman". He wanted the world to know he's sane.

Breivik first wreaked havoc when he planted at bomb at the Norweigian government's headquarters, which took the lives of eight. Following that, proceeded to a youth camp nearby where he killed another 69 people, many of whom were teens.

The 33 year old who considers himself a militant extremist continues to justify his bizarre reasons. Norwegian law refers to the sentence as 'preventative detention' sentence that can be extended for as long as he is considered dangerous; not only that, but he may also request parole every five years.
He can also challenge the sentence every five years.

Many may recall his disturbing postings on several British nationalists sites. He also referred to a mentor, "Richard the Lionhearted". Some wonder what his association with former English Defence League member Paul Ray, really was. Ray ran an anti-Muslim blog 'Richard The Lionhearted' and led an anti-Islam movement called the Knights Templar. This is where Breivik rested his allegiance and said his secret society, founded in London in 2003, would "carry out a crusade against Islam in Europe". Ray has vehemently denied any kind of contact with Breivik.

The case was blundered early on in the investigation when law enforcement couldn't reach the crime scenes due to the helicopter crew being on vacation. The helicopter was required to make it to the area.

Despite efforts to present him in a complete and professional represenation, complete with a suit and tie, his solicitor, Geir Lippestad was clearly uncomfortable as his client made it easy for society to dislike.

"'I stand by what I have done and I would still do it again," Breivik said during testimony.

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