A New "Legal" Normal?

(Posted on 17/02/12)

Solicitors around the world are simultaneously coming to a realization: a new dawn is approaching. Even if they can't quite quantify that so-called "new dawn", they can certainly feel the winds of change in the air. If solicitors in the UK were wondering if it was just some small trend, or if, perhaps, there was a similar "mini trend" with their American...

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Solicitor Spotlight: Croftons Solicitors, LLP

(Posted on 15/02/12)

There are law firms - and then there are law firms. Croftons Solicitors, LLP is one of the legal powerhouses that some of best solicitors in the U.K. call home. These dedicated professionals "walk the walk" and guide their clients to successful outcomes, whether those clients have suffered on-the-job injuries or are buying their first home.It's the...

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Shocking and amazing!

(Posted on 14/02/12)

For those that think social media is a fad....

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5 Arrests in Tabloid Probe, More Possible

(Posted on 11/02/12)

The sun is definitely not shining on The Sun these days. Charges are pending and arrests were made of at least five "most senior" journalists. The deputy editor is one of those arrested and now, Rupert Murdoch is said to have returned to London to handle the crisis, dubbed Operation Elveden, in person.The names have been released and those arrested...

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Illegal Activities and Unethical Behaviors: Andrew Iyer

(Posted on 09/02/12)

What makes a solicitor who seemingly has it all, choose such illegal, unethical and downright disgusting acts?Andrew Iyer, a now-former solicitor, has been accused of embezzling £3?million of clients’ money and putting it into accounts and businesses he had a stake in. He's let many down, including his former law firm, Ince & Co, where...

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Beware standing a Lawyer up....

(Posted on 07/02/12)

In the spring of 1978 a Mr Tom Horsley, a 30 year old lawyer from San Jose invited Miss Alyn Chesseltet out for an evening. At the very last minute she cancelled.Mr Horsley then sued her.He went to the small claims court and filed a lawsuit against Miss Chesselet on the grounds that she had broken an oral contract to have dinner and see the musical...

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