Racism Claims "Priority", Says Hogan-Howe

(Posted on 13/04/12)

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe has made his intentions clear: racism will not be tolerated at Scotland Yard and he intends to "drive them out". These strong declarations come after being confronted on a popular radio show by the brother of a black bus driver who died in 2010. That case is being reinvestigated by Scotland Yard.Hogan...

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Legal Ombudsman: Striking the Right Balance

(Posted on 07/04/12)

By now, those in the legal field are well aware of the many changes that continue to unfold. Solicitors in the UK have closely monitored those changes in an effort to first, remain in compliance, but also to ensure they're ahead of the proverbial loop. The Office for Legal Complaints announced recently two significant changes it's making as it moves...

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Leena at will be cycling from from London to Amsterdam in support of NSPCC Cymru.

(Posted on 06/04/12)

On 3rd May 2012, Leena at will be cycling from from London to Amsterdam in support of NSPCC Cymru.The journey will take 3 days and She will be raising funds to support the work of the NSPCC in Wales, specifically with the funding of the NSPCC's centre in Cardiff. Whilst the centre's doors are now open, it urgently needs £1.5 million...

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The Legal Landscape Redefined

(Posted on 05/04/12)

For quite awhile, there's been talk of, concerns with and an overall sense of dread - at least for some - about the role of solicitors in a new legal relationship dynamic. Seems the one common denominator is the concern over fee structures. The message from the Legal Ombudsman: prepare for change.The Legal Ombudsman reported that of the 90,000 complaints...

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Can any UK philanthropic solicitors help?

(Posted on 31/03/12)

A gifted girl from a council estate in a socially deprived area of Chester has been offered a place at the Queen’s private School (Chester). She currently attends her local primary school. Her parents are keen for their daughter to follow her dream, but are unable to find the £14,000 per year it would cost to cover school fees, uniform...

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Reminiscent of 1960s America: Trayvon Martin Case

(Posted on 31/03/12)

In a small Florida community, the salt air wafts in from the Gulf of Mexico, though doesn't betray the storm that would surely overshadow a category 5 hurricane that residents fear six months out of the year. The Trayvon Martin case has many old timers wondering if they've time traveled back into the 1960s when racism poisoned every community, especially...

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