Doesn't the U.S. Have Enough to Worry About Without Richard O'Dwyer?

(Posted on 14/10/12)

Last week, it was announced a computer science student had been cleared for extradition to the U.S. Richard O'Dwyer is facing online piracy charges over links to various online television shows he provided. Actually, it's more about the fact earned money from advertisers who put their ads on his site and less about the links. Tit for tat, says the...

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Jimmy Savile Scandal Grows

(Posted on 14/10/12)

According to Scotland Yard, the allegations of sexual abuse against Sir Jimmy Savile go back at least six decades and now, those who were the victims of this sexual predator are reliving their pain. But they're also coming to together to define an unlikely group, one that includes a common thread of pain, victimization and ultimately healing. Many...

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Will Aid 2012: Calling All Solicitors

(Posted on 08/10/12)

November has been designated the month for solicitors to take part of the annual Will Aid. If you're unfamiliar with this incredible program, you owe it to yourself to at least delve into the many benefits that come with doing good with this drive.What is Will AidEvery year, in November, solicitors who choose to participate will waive their usual fees...

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Badger Legalities, Ethics and the Environment Set to Clash

(Posted on 29/09/12)

It's a difficult quandary and one that very definitive lines drawn in the proverbial sand: to cull or not to cull the overwhelming population of badgers in England. There are no easy answers and this is definitely one of those situations where the the winners are not going to feel exactly victorious. There's a lot at stake and even solicitors are on...

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Solicitor Spotlight: Goldsmith Williams Solicitors

(Posted on 20/09/12)

This week, we take a look at one of the most well known and respected firms in the legal sector, Goldsmith Williams Solicitors. Founded in 1984 by Edward Goldsmith and Christopher Williams, the two-man team opened two offices, one in Allerton Road, Liverpool and the other in Prenton Wirral. What began as a mission to provide honest and ethical legal...

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2 U.K. Soldiers Killed in Green on Blue Attacks

(Posted on 16/09/12)

On Saturday, Britain's defense ministry broke the news that two UK soldiers had been killed by a man who was wearing an Afghan police uniform. This is the second event resulting in the death of British soldiers in as many days.The solders, both from the 3rd Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment were killed at a checkpoint in the Nahr e Saraj district of...

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