New Lawsuits in Phone Hacking Scandal

(Posted on 16/09/12)

News broke on Friday that forty new lawsuits against scandal-ridden News International have been filed; some of those suits, like others that have already been settled, reveal prominent people as the plaintiffs. Sarah Ferguson and athlete Tony Adams are just two of those names. Friday marked the final day new civil suits can be filed for those seeking...

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Desmond Tutu: Blair, Bush Should Face Criminal Charges

(Posted on 02/09/12)

Nobel peace prize winner Desmond Tutu made scathing remarks in an editorial last week. Among them, he says both former U.S. President George W. Bush and UK Prime Minister Tony Blair should face international criminal charges for the "moral devastation caused by the Iraq war". He also claims American leaders lied about the presence of weapons of mass...

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Prince Harry: Fair Game or Invasion of Privacy?

(Posted on 26/08/12)

It didn't take long for photos of Prince Harry to make the rounds, complete with nothing but his royalty to cover his nude body. Many felt the photos invaded his privacy while others insisted it was fair game, including one editor with the Sun, who said not publishing the photos would be "perverse".A Royal Family solicitor called it a "clear invasion...

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Mass Murderer Anders Breivik Receives 21 Years

(Posted on 26/08/12)

In a final disturbing stance before being hauled away, Anders Breivik gave a defiant right-wing salute after being judged sane and then given just 21 years for brutally killing 77 people. He must serve at least ten years. He can still find himself behind bars for an indefinite amount of time if he's believed to be dangerous at any time. The sane declaration...

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Life Matters: Who Decides 'Vegetative State'?

(Posted on 19/08/12)

It's one of the most difficult aspects of life. How do we make the massive decision to allow loved one to go or keep him on life support? How do we know if it's too early to decide or too late to do anything? These questions - and hundreds more - haunt families every day as they're forced to hear their physicians say things like, "brain dead" or "...

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Julian Assange: What Next?

(Posted on 16/08/12)

Editors note: Moments before going to press, Ecuador granted WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange asylum. This decision all but puts into place a standoff with the U.K. that has vowed to extradite the Australian anti-secrecy advocate to Sweden over allegations of sexual misconduct.Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino released a statement that read, in part...

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