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3.0 stars average for Aileen Tallintire Solicitors from 2 reviews  
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2a Prince Georg Square, South Shields, Tyne and Wear, NE33 2BE

Facilities Office accepts Legal Aid

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3.0 stars average for Aileen Tallintire Solicitors from 2 reviews

Based on 2 review(s)

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    Aileen Tallintire Solicitors


    5 stars

    26/01/18 - Reviewed by Lee scarfidi

    I can’t recommend this solicitor enough kind caring and professional. Joanne main is my solicitor and she’s been brilliant right from the beginning of my issues always there to talk and reassure me and with out her protection against c/s and ex wife I’d of been in a worse state. I would not go to any other solicitors and will always recommend Aileen tallintire to anyone who’s in the same position as I am.

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    09/05/20 - Response by lee scarfidi

    ***UPDATE*** firstly i will always be thankfull to joana maine her help and guidence was second to none but unfortuantly she retired mid way through my case, which was then taken over by mrs aileen Tallintire now i will say aileen is second to none when it comes to PLO cases and know first hand how the LA Childrens services struggle to beat her, but family law and access cases i wouldnt recomend her, now i dont know if she was over worked having to carry on jonnas cases but i found aileen wouldnt listen to my concerns for my childs welbeing evidence wasnt prestented in court bundles i instructed to be in she then started to charge me in advance for work where i always received an invoice which i believe she was attempting to price me out of carrying the case on as she wanted me to back out of the hearing which i was reluctend to do she was late with ordered statements even informing the court that she was struggling to get hold of me as a reason to gain an extension i had no contact or letter to ask me to attened her office but the worst she did to me was email me stating i had 2 days to find £2500 for her fees and baristers fee with court attendence in 5 days and that i was to complete a postion statement myself with in a day and send it to her YET this was the work she was employed to do happly invoiced me for all because i wouldnt back out of the hearing and with that she affectivley quit as my legal representaion with 5 day left until final hearing im sorry but i feel completely let down and worse i believe she compromised and cost me my case i therfore would not recomened aileen tallintire.

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    Aileen Tallintire Solicitors


    1 stars

    15/12/08 - Reviewed by Anonymous

    Have complaints made against them at www.parents4protest.co.uk

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