1) Does a reviewed solicitor on solicitor.info have access to edit / remove the reviews people post about them?

Yes - please read our terms of use.

2) There is a solicitor listed with many good reviews that I have not had such a great experience with?

Leave an honest review about your experience.

3) If I leave an anonymous review - will anyone be ever able to trace me?

Reviews are anonymised to allow users to feel able to express their opinions. However, even an anonymous review will provide us with the IP address of the computer from which the review was posted. In the event that we are required by law to disclose information about the author of the review, we will have to hand over this information. This may be traceable to you in certain circumstances.

4) Where I do give my name with a bad review, can a solicitor prosecute me for what I say?

Reviews are posted at the author’s risk and legal advice should be sought if you are unsure about any aspect of your review. Generally speaking, the best way to reduce the risk of legal action is to leave a truthful and honest review.

5) What if my solicitor isn’t listed?

Please contact us with the details of your solicitor.

6) Does Solicitor.info moderate or edit reviews?

Solicitor.info uses automatic software to check for profanities but it does not otherwise manually review, edit, approve or remove reviews.

If a complaint is made, it reserves the right to amend or remove any review it considers in breach of our terms of use. The individual profile will reflect where a review has been taken down.

7) Do we remove solicitors completely from solicitor.info?

Yes. If a solicitor asks us to remove their listing from the website we will. If a solicitor asks us to remove all bad reviews whilst keeping good ones we will also suggest they are removed completely. We believe solicitor.info is about finding you a solicitor that is confident enough to let their clients rate them. We will see the solicitors that choose to remove themselves and the ones happy to remain- Darwinian natural selection?

8) Some of the reviews look too good to be true and made up?

We have no way of knowing if a review is genuine. A solicitor who would add false reviews is playing a dangerous game; as time goes on, the people who instructed them to look after their legal services based on good reviews, will come back and leave reviews themselves.

9) How is solicitor.info funded?

Solicitor.info is funded by advertising on various pages of our website. Individual solicitors also pay for enhanced listings and where viewers ask a legal question or for specific legal advice we pass on this information to various trusted solicitors who may give us a referral fee if any work arises from the enquiry.

10) Can a Solicitor add reviews that clients have left on their own client feedback forms?

Yes - We encourage solicitors to add their customer feedback from their client feedback forms. This must be word for word quotes and not made up. If you suspect this not to be the case- please email us with details or leave a response.

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