1) How does solicitor.info work?

Solicitor.info tries to balance the freedom of speech of reviewers with the fact that a false review may unfairly damage a solicitor’s reputation. We try to combine these two conflicting forces in a fair, workable and legal format that allows well reviewed solicitors to find clients and clients to find great solicitors.

Once you are listed, Solicitor.info simply allows your clients to rate the services they have received from you. The better your reviews, the higher in the search listings you will appear and more people looking for a solicitor will find you.

2) What happens if I get a defamatory review?

Upon being notified, where a review does not comply with our terms and conditions, we provide the means for a law firm to notify us and have an efficient take down procedure. If a review is in any way against our terms of use you can ask us to remove it by the "Report abuse" button underneath the review in question. This will be done "expeditiously".

We hope you understand that solicitor.info and all the reviews on it would lose integrity and credibility if solicitors remove any poor reviews whilst keeping good ones as a matter of policy. If you would like to stay listed and receive all the benefits associated with solicitor.info it is required you allow your customers to review you positively or not.

Hence you have 3 responses:

3) If I get a poor review and I don’t want to have a "review removed" on my listing what is the best way to proceed?

4) How do I add my Law business on solicitor.info?

To add your firm to our website please contact us

5) How can my business appear first in the search listings on solicitor.info?

The more 5 star ratings you get from your clients, the higher in the search positions you will be placed. You can also buy top of page advertising without being listed (see table of benefits above).

6) How can I get my clients to leave ratings for my service?

Some solicitors are actively asking their happy clients to leave reviews on their solicitor.info page in emails and correspondence. Others have solicitor.info signage up in their reception. Please feel free to copy ratings/ comments from your own customer service feedback forms (quoted word for word)

7) How can I promote the good reviews on my solicitor.info listing?

Solicitor.info complies with the Legal Services Panel standards for comparison websites

"This site has assessed itself against the Legal Services Consumer Panel’s standards for comparison websites, and considers that it complies with those standards. The standards reflect best practice in areas such as accessibility, independence, choice, accuracy, use of personal information and complaints handling. Please note that the website has not been independently assessed to check compliance. For more information on the standards visit the Legal Services Consumer Panel’s website"

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