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Trinity House, 15a Trinity Place, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 3AS

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Languages spoken English, Hebrew, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu 
Size of firm 6 solicitors

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1.0 stars average for Appleby Shaw Limited from 1 reviews

Based on 1 review(s)

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Appleby Shaw Limited

General Legal advice

1 stars

09/10/19 - Reviewed by Mr j

Beware of Appleby shaw solicitors especially Mrs Neeru Hutchinson and Mr Ian Jobling

People please be aware of Appleby Shaw Solicitors, Mrs Neeru Hutchinson and ESPECIALLY MR Ian Jobling!

They promised many dreams and lies to my cousin, my cousin was on remand for 1 year and NO remand time came off when sentenced, he pleaded guilty from the beginning but had to wait for sentencing as his codependents pleaded not guilty and went on trial.

The barrister Mr Ian Jobling made no effort and just constant lies and false information. He hardly knew anything about his case cause he was juggling other work at the same time. He is the same man was sacked by his client on a high profile 2006 Securitas robbery case, its all on google when you search Mr Ian Jobling sacked during trial.

Mr Ian Jobling was asked if the remand time my cousin was serving had come off and he said Yes to him which was a lie, my cousin was furious when he realised his remand time never came off and that Mr Jobling and Mrs Neeru were still lying to him stating its just a court error.

My cousins case was listed in the same court a month after sentencing to clarify exactly when he will be released and guess what nobody attended from Appleby Shaw solicitors. They again lied to cousin saying the court never emailed them to attend but yet the prison took my cousin to court for no reason. Again blaming the court that apparently the court never emailed the firm to attend. They never admit fault and NEVER take responsibility. Its always the polices fault or the court no replying.

Mrs Neeru Hutchinson always making excuses and blaming others, its apparently never her fault! Her famous excuse is shes on a high profile murder trial somewhere in UK and that the police hasn’t replied to her calls or email. All she does is think about the money, unbelievable how hungry for money she is, no help, no heart and no care for people what so ever, she even had the cheek to tell my cousin a few times to give her details to other prisoners and his codependents so she can make more money.

If you want to be disappointed and depressed this is the firm. People do your homework on solicitors, don’t be a victim like my cousin. All they want is money and money. You better of representing yourself to be honest

Financial ombudsmen are now aware of this firm as my cousin had no choice but to ask them for help now.

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