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3.0 stars average for Arlingsworth Solicitors Ltd from 2 reviews  
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145 Islingword Road, Brighton, Sussex, BN2 9SH

Languages spoken English, Mongolian, Punjabi, Urdu 
Size of firm 2 solicitors

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3.0 stars average for Arlingsworth Solicitors Ltd from 2 reviews

Based on 2 review(s)

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  • Employment
  • European Community law
  • Family - general
  • Immigration - nationality and citizenship
  • Litigation - general
  • Personal injury

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Arlingsworth Solicitors Ltd


1 stars

11/08/23 - Reviewed by Kevin Bonnick

I instructed Arlingsworth to work on immigration matters for my fiancé. I paid £2000 in advance with the plan to pay the balance of £6500 asap. The day after I paid the £2000 they sent all the 'pro former' letters and standard documents that they just have to click and paste with my details on. after that I had a 19 minute phone call with them. some time later I paid the £6500. ONE week later my life got turned completely upside-down, things happened with my fiancé and her family and we lost any chance of being together. I contacted Arlingsworth and explained this. Baring in mind ONE week had passed and they had not done ANY WORK since the pro-former cut and paste letters and a 19 minute phone call, they refused to refund the £6500. they had £2000 for the work done, which is still a pretty good ROI! but they are outright refusing to return the UNEARNED £6500. They state they are a friendly and ethical company but they are using the small print in their terms and conditions for circumstances that do not apply. Now any time they get a negative review, they just lie and say they have no knowledge of this person as a client! Stay away!!!!

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Arlingsworth Solicitors Ltd


5 stars

27/12/20 - Reviewed by Mark Salida

Absolutely marvellous thank you for the long chat and email it really made me at at ease with the problem I was facing. I totally understood what was being put to me and I know that it isn’t always what you want to hear but at least you’re legally in the picture and all for just £68.00 excellent value thank you

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