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111 Villa Road, Handsworth, Birmingham, Midlands, B19 1NH

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3.0 stars average for Ash Ahmed from 2 reviews

Based on 2 review(s)

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      Ash Ahmed

      General Legal advice

      1 stars

      02/03/14 - Reviewed by James Harper

      Do not use these solicitors. They will lie, cheat, steal and blackmail. They leave things to the last minute. They do not care about their clients, they only care about there financial gain.
      Do not let their friendly personalities fool you.

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      06/03/15 - Response by John Bramham

      Sorry to be a pest sir, but I'm trying to ascertain whether this practice is the same firm that dealt - allegedly - with a friend's application for leave to remain in the UK.
      Are you by any chance in posession of a viable e-mail address for this company?
      Kindest regards,

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      Ash Ahmed


      5 stars

      15/11/11 - Reviewed by Paul

      This firm dealt with my case professionally, they listened and handled everything withn due care. I had conferences and appointments and was completely up to date. I had a choice of barrister and i can honestly say they had my best interest at heart. Very pleasant and friendly. The office manager there is extremely helpful. They gave my case 100%

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