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The Long Barn, Fornham Business Court, Fornham St Martin, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP31 1SL

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Facilities Office has disabled access,Office supports hearing induction loops

Languages spoken English, French 
Size of firm 19 solicitors

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1.0 stars average for Ashtons Legal from 2 reviews

Based on 2 review(s)

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      Ashtons Legal


      1 stars

      02/12/20 - Reviewed by Anonymous

      We chose to go with Ashtons Legal as there was a Cambridge office and there were a fair few good reviews. The experience we have had with them has been nothing short of a nightmare. Our case got assigned to someone at the Bury St Edmunds office - which was fine as due to COVID most stuff would be done through emails anyway. When we were given a case handler, we were told he would be in touch but we did not hear from them at all until we chased them 4 weeks after and had to call around the offices to get any form of contact. There was terrible lack of communication, with us never getting replies until we chase on emails and calls. We were told things had been done and then further down the line it was admitted that they hadn’t been done. Our process has taken 26 weeks and we still haven’t completed yet. Our case handler went off and we were not informed by him until the night before that he was going. We submitted a formal complaint and the Partner then took on our case, he did get things moving quicker at that point but it took a formal complaint for this to happen and so far we have been offered no form of compensation for the stress and uncertainty this has caused. Communication is key in processes like this and we personally feel like Ashtons Legal have nowhere near provided the services we should’ve received, especially for the money we are paying.

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      Ashtons Legal


      1 stars

      26/11/20 - Reviewed by Lyn Wescott

      The case was regarding a bankruptcy ( not mine ) claim on a house I owned. I later discovered the solicitor I chose was inexperienced and not able to appear in court hearings. I was advised by her to use a barrister to represent me in the first of several hearings. The hearing turned out to be in the wrong court so was dismissed. The barrister had to apologise to the judge for not being aware of new rules. I still had to pay the fee for that day amounting to approx. £2,400 . The case went on for 18 months. There were numerous incidents which caused me incredible stress. My first instruction was to keep my address in portugal confidential, this was breached later as the case progressed. The case dragged on leaving me feeling that the opposing solicitors were calling the shots and my solicitor seemed in awe of them and even had to have them explain various points of law to her which proved her inexperience. The final insult was after my house was forced to be sold, the final bill from Ashtons included an item ' probate fee ' ( no one had died and this service was totally absent) which I discovered had been added to cover the final bill in case I refused to pay. In fact I did intend to withhold the payment until I could put forward my complaint. My house was sold for a fraction of the market value and 50% of the proceeds given to the bankruptcy receivers. I put forward my complaint to a senior partner but was not exactly a robust procedure a panel of partners looked at it, I noticed one had the same surname as my solicitor . The points I mention here were not addressed.
      In short I would not recommend this firm to anyone. My life is ruined. No home no income, life savings used up in legal fees amounting to 14k.

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