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5.0 stars average for Bankfield Heath Solicitors Ltd from 1 reviews

Based on 1 review(s)

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Bankfield Heath Solicitors Ltd


5 stars

05/11/20 - Reviewed by Andrew

Sometimes in life, you really need a chunk of good luck ... and that's what happened to my wife & I when we were seeking help with our immigration issues. That said, by leaving this 5-star review, I hope others won't need to get lucky ... rather, I hope this review helps others to find Bankfield Heath Solicitors at the very top of the list (where they absolutely belong)!

When my wife's visa to come to the UK was denied, I had no idea where to start the process of getting the decision overturned. I also had no idea what it meant in terms of our immediate travel plans. As such, from our home overseas, I began scrolling through the UK government's website/database of solicitors that specialize in immigration law. I sent countless emails to all the firms where I could find an email address, as well as leaving countless voicemail messages where phone numbers were available.

The overwhelming response to my outreach was silence, while the small handful of firms from which I did receive a response seemed intent on providing no more than an endless run-around from administrative assistants (whose sole purpose seemed to be to put a barrier between myself and their solicitors).

Then my phone rang ... and it was [solicitor from] Bankfield Heath Solicitors. He was calling me at 7pm UK time, having tracked me down on WhatsApp after having seen my email inquiry from earlier that day. Talk about a solicitor who's willing to go above-and-beyond ... that absolutely blew my mind!

When I think about what was at stake, and the outstanding service (and results) he delivered, it's probably no exaggeration to say that was the luckiest phone call I've ever received. There was no run-around and no nonsense. He took his time to listen to the situation that my wife & I were facing and, right there on that first call, he laid out a very clear list of options (as well as explaining the obstacles that we'd face). He offered to perform a brief review of my documents and promised to provide a plan of attack the next day, along with a fixed quote for his services should I wish to proceed with him after his initial review.

Fast forward to today, and everything has been resolved in our favour. However, I can't stress just how critical it was for us to have [solicitor] fighting in our corner. At every twist in the saga it gave us tremendous peace-of-mind to have his unquestionable expertise, knowledge of the system, and understanding of the process working for us. There's no doubt whatsoever that without our blind luck in stumbling upon Bankfield Health Solicitors on the government website, things would likely have been very different. It was [solicitor] that made the difference, and it was him who enabled us to successfully navigate the minefield of our appeal as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible (in what otherwise could have easily turned into a messy, bureaucratic fight with a government department and all its red tape).

Thanks so much ... truly can't thank you enough for calling me that evening!

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