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Newtown House, Newtown Road, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, RG9 1HG

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1.0 stars average for Blanchards Law Ltd from 1 reviews

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Blanchards Law Ltd


1 stars

08/09/21 - Reviewed by Error after error made amicable divorce a nightmare

Avoid at all costs! Immediately disinterested (angry even) when my ex and I agreed terms without a fight. I was made to feel that I'd let her down by refusing to draw swords. However matters worsened considerably when she filled in our court application misspelling my then husband's name! It was consequently thrown out of court costing me yet more time and money. The second application she filled in the Court Case number wrong - honestly, you couldn't make this up! Again it was thrown out of court and we had to begin the entire process for a third time. I tried to dis instruct her but she effectively blackmailed me refusing to pass on paperwork. In the end the court and I verbally communicated directly because the delays Blanchards Law created eventually left me not in receipt of monies I needed to complete the purchase of a new house! A three month divorce took two years and put huge emotionally strain upon my relationship with my ex and I that never needed to happen. I then refused to pay the last £1,000 as a matter of principle and to reflect the cost and time (it was far, far more expensive that it needed to be and on both sides and all because of the careless errors made by Blanchards Law!) They then issued court proceedings! Ironically listing the date as 2022 rather than 2021!!!

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