Do I need a solicitor to move home?

Do I need a solicitor to move home?

(Posted on 15/04/19)

The burning question that movers have when buying or selling their home currently is how they can proceed safely and quickly without incurring large fees in the process.


Can I do this myself?

Although it is possible to handle some minor aspects the conveyancing process yourself, it is sensible to have the transaction should be carried out by a legal professional. The price of not doing so is often greater and can pose risks and additional costs to you.

Instructing a solicitor will not only ensure smooth and stress-free process but will safeguard you from potential pitfalls in the conveyancing process.

If you are obtaining mortgage funds, you must instruct a Solicitor.


Pitfalls and Problems

Some of the processes that can be troublesome are:-

Therefore, it is important to have all bases covered to protect you from extra cost, extended delays and bouts of stress.

Without instructing a solicitor there is no legal protection for you if issues arise. A solicitor will ensure that your interests are fully protected throughout the conveyancing process.


What a Solicitor Can Do for You?

They will able to guide you through your property transaction with ease and ensure at each stage, due diligence has been carried out carefully.


1. Guiding you through the process


2. Investigating the Title and carrying out Searches


3. Drafting documents for signing


4. Organising completion


Choosing the correct solicitors

Buying or Selling a house can be a minefield of problems. Therefore, it is essential that you have the support of experienced property solicitors. Using sites such as or Trust Pilot to find a solicitor to suit you.

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