We have published some SRA disciplinary and Legal Ombudsman records

(Posted on 03/04/19)

I started this website in 2007 after I received a shocking service from a solicitor (Who has since been closed down https://www.solicitor.info/white-rose-1/chester/) followed by a very large bill. Ever since I have been calling for more transparency within the legal industry. It is for this reason that I made the decision to publish available SRA and Legal Ombudsman Law firm compliance breeches together with customer reviews on solicitor.info. As far as I know this is the first time this has been done. Now consumers can access all the important data in an easily accessible format all in one place.

I like to feel that we have built upon our record of emancipating consumers and giving them the information, they need to make properly informed decisions when choosing someone to handle the most important things in their lives i.e. family, property, estates. Power to you.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has been criticised by consumer bodies, such as the Legal Services Consumer Panel and the competition and markets authority for lack of transparency. Additionally, the slow-moving nature of the disclosure meant that consumers were kept in the dark of full facts when attempting to choose a solicitor. This issue was exacerbated by the fact that the information, when it did finally reach the disclosure stage on the SRA’s website, was difficult to compare many different solicitors’ records.

We have tried to tackle this problem by housing the data in an easy to access way where consumers are able to compare solicitor firms using this data together empowering consumers to make an informed choice based on all the important data they need.

We have focused solicitor.info to try and be genuinely useful to anyone searching for a solicitor and not simply an advertising platform for solicitors’ firms who will pay the most.

I feel this is the only way to secure a long-term future for the website whilst will be the most useful to you our consumers.

Power to you,

Dave Sprake

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