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5.0 stars average for David Tye-Reeve - Solicitor at BLM from 1 reviews  
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2 Charlotte Place, Southampton, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 0TB

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5.0 stars average for David Tye-Reeve - Solicitor at BLM from 1 reviews

Based on 1 review(s)

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      David Tye-Reeve - Solicitor at BLM


      5 stars

      13/06/13 - Reviewed by Helen coleman

      David has been incredible.
      The solicitor you do not wish for 'the other side' to find out about until after you have secured his services!
      Efficient, thorough, reassuring, basically everything I needed wrapped up in a mellifluous voice with a pleasant, and professional manner.
      I am completely ignorant in matters of the law and before dealing with David was simply overwhelmed by the whole process.
      David took the time to guide me through the required steps and jargon with patience, kindness, acceptance, empathy and understanding, while keeping my feet on the ground and being honest about the whole situation.

      Always available, always willing and able to help, nothing was a problem.
      I genuinely cannot recommend this solicitor enough.

      Cost... how can anyone put a price on peace of mind? David took away the stress and distress at a time when I needed someone to help. However much David charged would have been cheap for the service provided. Thank you!

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