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203 Soho Road , Handsworth Birmingham , Birmingham, West Midlands, B21 9SX


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      Davinderjit Singh


      5 stars

      06/01/18 - Reviewed by Kirandeep Kaur

      I was a client for this firm during the summer of 2012, From October 2012 i have been handling all immigration and family matters. I am the firms accounts department. This is a very professional and loving firm. We sometimes run a self service where our clients fill in their own paperwork but we still benefit from their money. We also allow our clients to use our firms computers if they need to do something personal. All in all if you arent a solicitor you can be one at this firm as we allow people with no legal background to rise and appear to be solicitors trust me you wouldn't be able to tell the difference thats how good we are. If you dont believe me come visit me.

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