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3.0 stars average for Draycott Browne Limited from 2 reviews  
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12 Oxford Court, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M2 3WQ

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3.0 stars average for Draycott Browne Limited from 2 reviews

Based on 2 review(s)

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Draycott Browne Limited


1 stars

09/04/19 - Reviewed by Anonymous

I had a complex case where I was spiked and had accusations made by another party on the same night.

Draycott Brown appeared entirely disinterested in the case law that I provided, failed to enter into discussion about my case by Email and (after an initial meeting fell through with good reason) refused to meet me ahead of the first (plea) hearing so that I could fully explain my case and my supporting evidence.

Draycott Brown simply presumed that they could work on my case within a few minutes before the hearing without fully understanding it or my evidence to have the case thrown out as an abuse of process.

Lawyers seem more and more cosy with the CPS but in the case of Draycott Brown, I can’t prove this but they certainly didn’t have my interests at heart.

They relied on a lack of disclosure in the case despite the disclosure having effectively already having been provided at interview and the summons containing the charges having already been supplied. The firm also suggested that a meeting would be beyond Legal Aid funding (i’m cynical about this) and they did not want to budge beyond the bare minimum. I consider that they wanted to drag out my case rather than get it finalised asap to get the maximum funding at my emotional expense.

This is not a firm you want to be instructing (they think they know better than the client anyway from my experience at least) when your liberty is at risk.

They should be prepared to be respectful to clients, listen to those who are legal academics and not patronise their clients.

I’ve told Draycott Brown that their services are no longer required and i’d recommend potential clients make sure that firms are dedicated, communicative with clients and will advise as soon as they have the evidence needed and without unnecessary delay during what is always a stressful time. I will add that this was the case with/between two Solicitors working on my case there so I see it pointless to mention names, to me, my experience stems from the wider culture within the criminal law department/wider firm at Manchester.

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Draycott Browne Limited


5 stars

14/10/16 - Reviewed by steve

brilliant specially because dealing with mental health .caring and understanding and patient

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