How To Fight A Driving Penalty and Endorsement?

How To Fight A Driving Penalty and Endorsement?

Driving fines and endorsements on your licence are topics that are guaranteed to make the blood boil in most motorists. Quite simply, this is because they can be so arbitrary and people do not fully appreciate the fact that they have the legal right to challenge a penalty.

As with most people, I’m sure, speed cameras and the associated penalties they attract are one thing that really makes my heckles rise. I vehemently believe that the only criminal activity going on with their use, is carried out on behalf of the Police Forces who rake in millions of pounds worth of revenue each and every year from them.

They are proven not to lower the rates of accidents but because they line the Police’s pockets so nicely, they are not about to disappear off of British streets any time soon.

If you know you have blatantly broken the law and exceeded the speed limit significantly, this article is not intended to offer you any assistance. Instead, this article is intended to offer people another avenue, when they have received a speeding fine at a time when they weren’t even aware of the fact that they had gone above the speed limit. Let’s face it, speed limits go up and down like yoyos and no one can be fully expected to realise what the speed limit is all of the time. It really does seem like another way in which the Police can confuse you and then trap you.

If you have received a fine for speeding and three additional points on your driving licence, you must realise that you do not have to accept it, if you feel that it is wrong. The documentation that accompanies such penalties is deliberately intended to intimidate you; so that you will roll over and pay the Police their little bonus.

If you decide not to accept the fine straight away and opt for the court route instead, you may be surprised at how many cases are dropped before it even reaches this level. It is even better if you can instruct a solicitor in such a case and then you can just stand by and watch the Police fall to pieces; usually failing to actually come up with sufficient evidentiary support to make the charge stick. Under the European Convention on Human Rights, one of the articles provides that we all have the absolute right to a fair trial. While the Police are conveniently trying to take this right away from you, you have every entitlement to ensure that this fundamental right is adhered to.

In all seriousness, more people simply need to stand up for themselves and challenge these arbitrary punitive measures. Trust me, the Police totally count on the fact that people will be too afraid to challenge them; hence why they have been getting away with ripping us all off for so may years. Remember that the Police are definitely not always right and this is absolutely one of those times.

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