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11-12 Hamilton Square, Birkenhead, Merseyside, CH41 6AX

Facilities Office accepts Legal Aid

Languages spoken English 
Size of firm 5 solicitors

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1.0 stars average for FPH Law from 1 reviews

Based on 1 review(s)

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  • Advocacy
  • Children
  • Crime - domestic violence
  • Crime - fraud
  • Crime - general
  • Crime - juvenile
  • Crime - legal aid
  • Crime - motoring
  • Crime - sex
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1 stars

08/05/19 - Reviewed by Brian

I contacted this firm whilst dealing with a solicitor that showed little or no interest in my case, and demading exorbitant fees, this firms solicitor said they just didnt want to take the case on ,that is why they were overcharging.
I was very close to my court date. after speaking to their representative he seemed to know exactly what he was doing so I changed to this firm (after asking could he put it together in such a short time. He verified he could.)he asked me to pay the £500.00 up front (I had already paid him £100.00 for initial consultation as i was happy with his advice) I then found this firm to be dragging their feet. did not take a statement from me , could not be bothered questioning some of the witnesses on the complainants side, accused me of being bombastic and controlling whilst in conference with him ( I did not know where to put my face and could not dispense of his services as it was too close to the court date)when he questioned the complainants on the stand and they admitted that no crime had been commited , he moved on to his next question without pursuing it any further. he told me not to mention anything or volunteer any information (showing that i was in fact the victim) .he dithered whilst presenting the case. he told me not to show any emotion and to look down at the floor and not to fidget. (in hindsight I looked guilty by doing this) he then finished by telling me (in front of the magistrate) to be careful how much Isaid as the clerk is writing everything you say down. also made hand gestures to intimate i was saying too much whilst on the stand. Again ,I did not know where to put my face.
He then told the magistrates how to do their job By stating "Its your job to find without a shadow of a doubt" blah blah ( I feel antagonising them) he then charged me a further £300.00 for the final fee. making a grand total of £1000.00 outlay (which must be by far the biggest waste of money I have ever suffered.II found This firm totally inept . I am now faced with a changed life where my aggressor holds all the cards and I live with the stigma of these devastating lies for the rest of my days.
Frankly I would be forgiven for thinking my defence was working for the opposition!

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