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14/15 Trinity Square, Llandudno, Gwynedd, LL30 2RB

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Languages spoken English, French, Welsh 
Size of firm 9 solicitors

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1.0 stars average for Gamlins Solicitors LLP from 3 reviews

Based on 3 review(s)

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Gamlins Solicitors LLP


1 stars

03/01/20 - Reviewed by Anonymous

The service at Gamlins Llandudno was utterly unprofessional, we would have had more success herding cats. Have these people not heard of emails to help get things done in a professional and efficient manner, "no", as they probably processed everything with everyone using feathers and scrolls at the same time bleeding every available penny from us. How this company gets away with the way they work is beyond me, but it's obvious that the office staff and their manager are in need of a complete overhall.

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Gamlins Solicitors LLP

Will and probate

1 stars

31/01/19 - Reviewed by Mrs G and Mrs K

We employed Gamlins Llandudno to deal with probate containing a contentious element, on our behalf. The persons involved were R Brown, G Jones, M Salisbury, F Ranson and R Williams. The service they provided was abysmal and left us with no alternative but to make a formal complaint to them for what was a multitude of misdemeanours. They refuted everything making it necessary to escalate the matter to the Legal Ombudsman who awarded us a Combination of Refunds, Compensation and waived costs amounting to several thousand pounds. Their summary comment was "The service provided to you was not of the standard you were entitled to expect". Other comments extracted from the Ombudsman's report - "This was a significant service failing", "Failure to provide costs updates was unreasonable", "There was no reason to retain such a large sum", "Failure to confirm the position regarding care and conduct charge was unreasonable", "It was undoubtedly a shock when "the client" received a letter confirming the upper estimate of costs had already been exceeded". The Ombudsman also unearthed further wrong doings which we were unaware of. We subsequently reported the Firm to the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Association) who concluded:- "I have found Gamlins Solicitors to be in breach of the following:-

SRA Account Rules 2011
1 Failed to release funds generated and held onto them without proper reason.
2 Failed to provide notification of costs prior to transferring monies from the client account.

SRA Code of Conduct 2011
The Firm failed to explain its fees regarding a 25% mark-up for the work. The Firm produced a bill incorporating this charge but provided no correspondence at
the onset of the work.

From our experience of dealing with Gamlins, we would not recommend this Firm to anyone.

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Gamlins Solicitors LLP

Will and probate

1 stars

02/09/12 - Reviewed by Peter Turvey

I had an all-too-typical situation with Gamlins of a law firm being at fault in drawing up a flawed Will, then as Executors making a mess of the administration, then resisting measures to correct their shortcomings, then finally and reluctantly complying and then, of course, making a hefty charge to the estate for all their work.

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