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2a Melbourne Grove, East Dulwich, East Dulwich, London, SE22 8PL

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1 stars average for GT Stewart (East Dulwich) from 1 reviews

Based on 1 review(s)

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      GT Stewart (East Dulwich)


      1 stars

      06/11/18 - Reviewed by Simon C

      Having met with these solicitors on four occasions I have seen four different members of the team which I found impersonal. I didn't feel supported at all in fact it felt as though the barrister just wanted to quickly get the case resolved and have me plead guilty even though it wasn't what I wanted, he lacked imagination, fight, energy and knowledge. I have no confidence in his ability to defend me so I went elsewhere and now I am 100 percent happier, my new solicitor is really informative, has faith in me and their ability to defend me, I meet with the same person each time, and we go through everything step by step and most importantly they don't look down on me and listen to my concerns.

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      14/04/19 - Response by No Need For A Name :-) Just helping a friend

      Hello Simon C, I am not even sure if you will get to see this message as there is no way of contacting you directly. If you or someone you know picks this message up, is it possible to get the name of the Solicitors firm you decided to use. I am trying to help a friend find a criminal lawyer as their plea is not guilty because they really are not guilty of charges made against them. They need it to be personal as they are currently with another firm and having the same issue of being passed around and no one seems to know the case. The sentencing that could be given is a serious matter of time in jail for crimes that have not been committed so he needs a good solicitor who will take his case seriously. I will contact GT Stewart as they have been recommended by someone but id also like to speak to firm you are using so the defendant can compare and make a choice accordingly. Thank you and awaiting any help from anyone.

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