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The Law Society Accredited - Criminal LitigationThe Law Society Accredited - Conveyancing Quality

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Blackburn House, 22-26 Eastern Road, Romford, Essex, RM1 3LT

Languages spoken English 
Size of firm 3 solicitors

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1.0 stars average for Hunt and Hunt LLP from 1 reviews

Based on 1 review(s)

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Hunt and Hunt LLP

General Legal advice

1 stars

20/11/20 - Reviewed by David Smith


I asked them to do something on my behalf every six months and every six months they were too lazy to read the file properly. In the end I decided to deal with my own case and refused to pay their last bill, inviting them to sue me. They are solicitors, they are supposed to know about procedures and law, it was all down in B&W they hadn't done what they were asked, all they had to do was apologise. But no, I got a snooty reply that they wouldn't sue me but would refuse to accept any further instructions.

So I then complained about them to their own professional body on three points - and two points were upheld.

They then appealed ... presumably on the basis that they are important, posh people and I'm an oik so they must be right and I'm wrong ... but the appeal body upheld the decision and indeed stated that all my three points should have been upheld!

Dreadful company.

I have all the paperwork that can prove the above and am posting under my real name. If I'm lying, c'mon, sue me H&H!

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