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O’Neill Patients solicitors, Chester House, Stockport, Stockport, Cheshire, SK7 5NT

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3.0 stars average for Joe Graham from 2 reviews

Based on 2 review(s)

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      Joe Graham

      General Legal advice

      1 stars

      14/12/22 - Reviewed by Josh young

      Horrendous. Been emailing and calling for days and he doesn't answer the phone

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      Joe Graham


      5 stars

      18/05/18 - Reviewed by J James

      I would strongly recommend O’Neill Patient Solicitors. In fact I had a different solicitors previously and had to change it, since then my conveyancing/ property went very smooth. I had the full faith in them, especially my case manager. Always very quick in responding, very organised, and was always there on the other end of the phone or email and I am very grateful for such a smooth processing and completion. Thank you so much team.

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