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363 Woodchurch Road, Prenton, Wirral, Merseyside, CH42 8PE

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1.0 stars average for Kirwans from 5 reviews

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1 stars

11/03/22 - Reviewed by Anonymous

Service seemed to be very last minute aswell as giving the impression that the solicitor handling my case wasn't specialised in the field of drug driving offences and false positive drug test results caused by the medications I am taking for various physical and mental health issues. Dispite extensively gathering information about my medications and the causes for concern that they're prime candidates for false positive drug test results personally from my own pharmacist and gp and independent experts, kirwans still went with their own sources despite asking me to get this information myself. I was told that their own sources information would be accepted by the court rather than any I'd got myself. Certain medications I take like sertraline and Zoloft antidepressant kept coming up as one main reason for the false positive result time and time again and I take alot more meds for quite a number of different health problems too. I wasn't even sent a letter confirming my court date or time. I'm 51 years old with a full clean of points driving licence and motorbike licence and have never been banned and consider myself a safe and aware driver holding my licenses since I was 17. I haven't had any dealings with the police for over 10 years and never ever been arrested or charged with anything to do with drugs and there was no drugs found on me or in my car and I was parked stationary when the police approached me and I wasn't impaired or under the influence of anything at all and I don't take drugs despite testing positive for cannabis and cocaine at the roadside and something called benzoglycomine being found in my blood sample at an amount of 317 units and the legal limit being 50 which is a massive amount above what's acceptable suggesting a huge binge of top quality cocaine or long term build up over time. I was stopped exactly 2 weeks later and tested negative for anything and everything coz I decided to stop taking all my meds for fear of this happening again which made my mind up that my meds were to blame plus I don't know why there was a marker on my car anyway. I'm on disability benefits and drove a mobility car and apart from benefiting myself I used it to help my mum who's recently had a brain heomorage and is housebound aswell as seeing my oldest daughter after not seeing her for over a decade who lives in Scotland and to take my youngest daughter to school etc. Plus for myself to get to important medical appointments and for my own independence. All this has been taken away in an instant because, in my view, I wasn't represented in a way to give me any chance of getting my defence across at all. None of the inconsistencies in my case or any reasons for exceptional hardship both financially, receiving 695 quid to pay, and emotional connections with my mental health that I've attempted suicide 4 times in the past plus not being able to attend medical appointments on top of the fact that I can no longer help my mother see my daughter have clean licenses never banned not known to police never been arrested or charged with anything to do with drugs and there was no drugs found on me or in my car and the impact this has already had on my physical and mental wellbeing were brought up to the magistrates aswell as telling them about testing negative for anything and everything 2 weeks later and before I knew it I had to plead guilty of having a substance in my blood sample despite the only way of it being there was through my meds and I've been banned for 12 months with an extra 5 years before I can apply for another mobility car and was left with an apology there wasn't anything else that could of been done and that was that. It felt like as I was a legal aid client that it's easy guaranteed money whatever the outcome for them getting paid and I still have 695 quid to pay and 18 months lease left to pay on a car I don't have anymore all coming out of my benefits despite knowing that I don't take drugs 100% I couldn't afford to anyway lol. I'm quite sure that if I had a better brief that I would of had a different positive outcome to this mess and unfortunately kirwans were not the right choice on this occasion to have put my trust in to have made a sufficient defence on my behalf and I feel let down by the justice and legal system enough for people close to me to notice a downward spiral especial in my mental health and depression as I'm still not taking my medications. Please just take care who you choose to represent you if you have a drug driving case against you coz kirwans weren't the right choice in my case and I regret not looking for a more specialised lawyer but hindsight is a wonderful thing they say.

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1 stars

26/07/21 - Reviewed by P Barnes

Family member Paying high fees and the invoice isn’t broken down to actually show what paying for bloody disgraceful!! Invoices should be broken down !!! And why the hell is this company so expensive!!! Are they actually any good ??? Ppl want to see what they are paying for isn’t it legal to show this ???

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1 stars

02/12/20 - Reviewed by Anonymous

Website indicates that they offer fixed fee conveyancing. A quote received also affirms this. Once solicitors were instructed, I received a notice of numerous fees applicable to my case. Ridiculous. False advertisement. Absolutely not a fixed rate conveyancing

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General Legal advice

1 stars

27/01/20 - Reviewed by Anthony Martindale

My brother was convicted in 2014 by his 16-year-old stepdaughter who admitted to the police, social services and anyone else that interviewed her that it was she who climbed into his bed whilst he was drunk. Kirwans didn’t pursue that line of questioning even though it was in his statement (of which I have a copy) when he first employed Kirwans services. They just stood back and let both the CPS and the judge tear into him. He was given 18 months. That was the foundation of what was to come. Two years later, two former stepdaughters jumped onto the proverbial bandwagon even though the eldest had an uncle incarcerated in 2013 and tried it on with two lorry drivers. My brother was their fourth victim. He was given 6 years by a judge that tried both trials which in itself was against the rules. He died in prison just over a year ago and the only reason they did it was for money from the Victims Compensation Scheme and both the police and the judge obliged and it all happened in the wake of the Jimmy Saville scandal.

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1 stars

28/06/19 - Reviewed by Anonymous

Very disappointed lost a property due to staff being on holiday and not being transparent. Once they have your money and you have committed to them they cease to be interested in your case

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